Family Pictures

These are my parents who are now both deceased.

Mary Elizabeth (Masters) Perkins

Collin Virgil Perkins

This is our daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and John Anges and their children, Johnny and Julianna, who live in Austin, Texas.

Our son and daughter-in-law, Curtis and Marisa Perkins, and their two sons, Luke and Collin, live in San Angelo, Texas.

Click this line to hear Luke Sing
Collin doesn't sing much... He's more into sports.

And here I am with my boss, Gwen.

Fifty-five years later.

By the way... check out old Gwen's grandfather and his brothers and you will know why I was afraid not to marry her. ;-)
Uh Oh.... Just Kiddin', Gwen

The Whole Family

Curtis, Richard, Gwen & Elizabeth
(Before and After)

All Four Grandkids (Dec. 2017)

Luke, Johnny, Collin, Julianna

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