The Sons of William H. Perkins in North Carolina during the mid-1870's.

It is believed that those pictured are (front row, l to r) John Emmett, Charles Dean, William H., Jr., (back row, l to r) Lemuel Enoch, James L., and Edmond L.

About 1843 William H. Perkins (1820-1882) married Mary L. Crandell (1820-?).
John Emmett Perkins (1845-?)
Margaret E. Perkins (1846-?)
Adeline E. Perkins (1848-1896)
Lemuel Enoch Perkins (1850-1927)
Charles Dean Perkins (1852-1933)
James L. Perkins (1854-?)
Sarah (Sallie) Perkins (1856-?)
Edmond L. Perkins (1858-1941)
William H. Perkins, Jr. (1860-1925)

Nothing except the date of birth is known about Sarah and James.

Margaret married Beverly Daniel and had two children and probably died before the end of the century. The 1900 census shows Mr. Daniel married to someone else.

Adeline married James Whitley in 1868, had four children and died in 1896 in Martin County North Carolina.

Charles Dean and William H., Jr migrated to Florida where they each married and reared two children. Charles Dean is buried in Lake City, Florida and Will settled in Starke, Florida and is buried there.

Edmond L. remained in the Greenville, North Carolina area where he had ten children and lived until 1941.

According to sources in the Texas branch of the Perkins family, John Emmett was killed in a dispute with a "carpetbagger" after which Lemuel Enoch dispatched the offending Yankee and fled to Texas. This incident, if true, would have taken place in the mid-1870's (probably soon after the above picture was taken) because Lemuel married Julia Ann Neighbours in Texas in September of 1878.

The Perkins brothers' picture was furnished by Cy Perkins of Lake City, Florida. (shown below)

Cy doesn't resemble his Texas cousins much but I suppose that's what happens when you mix in a few generations of Floridians. Cy's great-grandfather (Charles Dean Perkins) went to Florida about the same time that Lemuel Enoch came to Texas.