Old RAP on Tractor

My name is Richard A. Perkins and I look a lot like the tractor driver shown above. After working for the State of Texas for 31 years, I retired to a few acres outside of beautiful Buda, Texas, where I planned to ride my tractor, raise a few goats, play with computers, listen to Bluegrass music and try to avoid chore assignments from my wife, Gwen. However, "space hungry" Austin continued to grow and overran our tranquil rural setting and we had to move on west. We now reside in San Angelo, Texas, a place where we lived happily in our younger years. We thought if we moved back there, we would be rejuvinated and be in our 20's again. Alas, it didn't work out that way but we love San Angelo even if we are still old.

We live right in the center of town and like it just fine but we couldn't completely give up the country life so we picked up a few acres about 10 miles from town. To check the country place out, click here.

If you are a long-lost crony from my past or just have too much time on your hands, drop me a note by clicking on the tractor image.


Slick Willie
Head of Barnyard Security at Bluegrass Enterprises

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